About Us

Ning Sheng

We are a company focusing on the supply chain of Chinese factories, headquartered in Quanzhou, China, the source city of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. The company is committed to providing high-quality Made-in-China products and services to global customers, helping customers improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.

The company has rich supply chain resources and has established long-term cooperative relationships with high-quality factories across China. Products and services provided by the company include:

Product Procurement: The company provides customers with one-stop procurement services, covering product development, procurement, quality control and other aspects.
Supply chain management: The company provides supply chain management consulting and services to help customers optimize supply chain processes and improve supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Logistics services: The company cooperates deeply with domestic and international logistics to ensure the safety and timely delivery of customer products.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4800 +
Cooperation factories
Customer country
We learned product supply chain integration solutions from Costco and Xiaomi, which can lower product prices. By finding assembly line factories and quantifying hit products, this is a very effective method, but not all companies can do it.
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Our Beliefs

We only accept orders for healthy and green products.

Our product development process

Our advantage

It is not easy to establish a product supply chain. We have polished the domestic product supply chain through 10 years of experience.

Product Positioning

China has no shortage of products. We eliminate 95% of mediocre products and keep only the best products for you. That's what our consumer research organization is focused on.

product price

We have visited many factories and only choose to cooperate with factories that have large-scale, automated and assembly lines, and only focus on products with large quantities and small styles. This way we can get a good price.

Logistics concentration

We store all products in the logistics center and send them to customers centrally. The reduced warehousing and logistics fees are discounted into your products.