Frequently Asked Questions

We support proofing services, but the value of samples varies. We do not charge for cheap samples, but we will charge for expensive samples. So please be careful when making samples. We do not pay for the express delivery of samples. We may use courier charges collected or collected in advance.
But if mass production starts, we can negotiate to reimburse the above expenses.

We generally use FOB trading method. If the payment method and insurance terms can be agreed upon, we can also use transaction methods such as CIF.
As products vary, the percentage of product deposits we may charge is also flexible. At the same time, we are keen on using trusple platform transactions and third-party escrow transactions such as letters of credit.

Based on the product’s production time and logistics destination, we will issue an estimated delivery time, but it is for reference only. After the product starts shipping, we will submit a logistics tracking number to you, and you can track the logistics information.

Our main business is order production and inventory wholesale. We established our small-volume delivery service department three years ago. We have shipped for many merchants on Amazon, eBay and other platforms. Therefore, dropshipping services require additional storage fees and service fees.

During the production process, we will review the products in many aspects and can only provide some relevant certificates for existing products. The other part cannot be made public due to confidentiality agreements with other clients.
For certain internationally recognized certificates, samples need to be sent for inspection. There will be multiple costs in between, which you need to bear.

Our products are produced strictly in accordance with sample or parameter requirements. If there are non-quality problems in the product, we will not be responsible for the losses caused. If the quantity of defective products exceeds the quota, we will negotiate compensation or reship. We will determine the specific indicators through the order contract.

Delivery inquiry

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