Amazon SOS Wilderness Survival Equipment 13-piece Outdoor Multi-Tool Set

The multifunctional hand rope is a hand rope that integrates a compass, a flint, a whistle, a knife, a hacksaw, a flint and a scraper, a flashlight and other tools. It is suitable for outdoor adventures, mountain climbing, camping and other activities. It helps users stay safe and save themselves in emergencies.

Use compass

A compass helps users find their way when they are lost. When using a compass, first place the compass on a flat surface and point the N of the compass to north.

Use flint and steel

Flint and steel can help the user start a fire when there is no fire source. To use flint, first place the flint on a hard surface and then strike the flint against the flint to create a spark.

Use a whistle

The whistle helps users signal for help in emergencies. When using a whistle, first place the whistle in your mouth and then blow it hard.

Use a knife

Knives can be used for cutting, chopping, scraping, etc. When using a knife, be careful and avoid cutting yourself.

Use a hacksaw

A hacksaw can be used to cut tree branches or other objects. When using a hacksaw, first secure the hacksaw to an object and then pull the hacksaw firmly.

Use flint and scraper

Flint and scrapers can be used to create larger sparks for starting fires in wet or cold weather. When using a flint and scraper, first place the flint on a hard surface and then scrape the flint with the scraper to create a spark.

use flashlight

A flashlight can be used for illumination or to signal for help. When using a flashlight, first turn it on and then use it as needed.


The multi-functional hand rope needs to be inspected before use to ensure that each tool is in good condition. When using, pay attention to safety and avoid accidentally injuring yourself or others.


The multifunctional hand rope is a very practical piece of equipment that can help users in outdoor activities. When carrying out outdoor activities, carrying a multi-functional hand rope can increase your safety.

The multifunctional hand strap shown in the image also contains the following tools:

Positioning wrench: can be used to tighten or loosen screws.
Key chain: can be used to hang on the key chain.
Use a positioning wrench

A set wrench can be used to tighten or loosen screws. When using a positioning wrench, first align the head of the positioning wrench with the screw hole, and then tighten or loosen the screw firmly.

Use keychain

The keychain can be used to hang on a key chain. When using a keychain, first hook the keychain onto the keychain, and then hang the keychain in the appropriate location.

When using a multi-functional hand strap, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

When using the compass, pay attention to avoid magnetic field interference, such as mobile phones, computers, etc.
When using flint and steel, be careful to keep away from flammable items.
When using the whistle, be careful not to blow it continuously for too long to avoid damaging the vocal cords.
Pay attention to safety when using a knife to avoid scratching yourself or others.
When using a hacksaw, be careful to avoid injuring yourself.
When using flints and scrapers, be careful to avoid sparks that may injure yourself or others.
When using a flashlight, be careful to avoid battery leakage or explosion.