Rescue tent

12 square meters single tent parameters (this one does not contain cotton)
1. Introduction to style and performance
1. The tent is a rectangular double-slope straight wall building style with a full frame structure.
2. There are 4 windows on each side wall. The entrance and exit are on the gable wall on one side, and there is a chimney opening in the middle of the door.
3. The interior of the tent is supported by all steel pipes, and is fixed with eight guy ropes and ground stakes around it.
4. The doors and windows are equipped with screens when they are opened, and the doors and windows have functions such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, mosquito-proof, and ventilation.
5. Split body and cotton, (this one does not contain cotton)
6. The accessories are welded with a high-oxygen welding machine, and the pipe fittings and accessories are pickled, phosphated, and treated with anti-rust before spraying.
7. It can withstand level 8 wind force and 80mm thick snow, which is safe and reliable.
2. Main dimensions (unit: mm)
Part (piece) name Finished product size Deviation
Canopy body length 3700 ±30
Canopy body width 3200 ±30
Side wall height 1750 ±20
Ridge top height 2670 ±20
Door height 1800 ±20
Doorway width 1100 ±10
Window width 800 ±20
Window height 600 ±20
3. Main materials
Name Specification Description
Body fabric: 600Dpvc coated Oxford cloth, sky blue waterproof
Cotton liner: cotton batting 300g/㎡ thermal insulation (this one does not contain cotton)
Ground cloth Gray glue PE ground cloth for use at the bottom of the tent
Main rods: 25 diameter round pipe, spray-painted, universal rod, vertical rod, beam rod
Welding accessories: 28 diameter round pipe welding tee, four-way,
4. Tent packaging size (mm)
Name Outer packaging size Weight
Body 1200*200*250 18KG-19KG
Bracket 1850*200*220 30KG
Cotton liner 1400*300*500 20KG (this does not contain cotton)

5. Other parts
1. Usable area: 12 square meters.
2. The tent has a simple structure and is easy to erect and remove: it can be set up in 20 minutes/3 people and can be evacuated in 10 minutes/3 people.